Movies, TV, and Commercials industry professionals rely on our database when they are in need of vehicles for their production. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Production people need all kinds of vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, excavators, batmobiles – you name it, we need it!

Any year. Historic cars, or those just out of the factory – there is no age limitation

No. Depending on the production, vehicles in any condition may be used.

Payment amount depends on type of production, type of vehicle, length of rental and number of days your vehicle was actually used. The most important factor is the price you set yourself.

You get a check from Movie Time Cars within within 3 working days of use.

No. The production company insures the vehicle from the time it arrives at the location until the time it leaves. If Movie Time Cars transports the vehicle, then we insure it during transport.

All vehicles are transported on flatbeds by Movie Time Cars staff, both to and from locations.

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Movie Time Cars Inc. is a family-owned and operated New Jersey-based company, over 30 years in business. We are working with the TV, Movie, and Advertisement industry, matching vehicles to the needs of the production.

We are looking for vehicles like yours! It could be a historic car, an excavator, or a soccer mom’s van – literally any kind. Cars, buses, boats, utility and specialty vehicles – we need them all!

Our database has thousands of vehicles, depending on the needs of production. We accept any type, any year, any make, any model, any color, and in any condition. 

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